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3-13: Facilitating Growth and Skill Development

1. Age-Appropriate Skills

  • Online Money games from ConnectAbility, a project of Community Living Toronto – sample games for children online

2. Planning

  • Persons with Developmental Disabilities
    • Person Centered Planning - This manual from the Central Alberta PDD Region is available in print, on the Internet, and on CD.
    • The Courage to Dream, The Right to Become - What does it mean to be part of a community? Find out by viewing The Courage to Dream.
  • Caregiving: Planning Daily Activities offers suggestions for a general approach to overcoming difficulties with daily activities.

3. Goal Setting

4. Formal and Informal Learning

5. Task Analysis

  • A task analysis of Brushing Teeth demonstrates the task is a number of distinct, simple behaviors performed one after another.
  • Task Analysis – two page article from the British Columbia Provincial Outreach Program for Autism and Related Disorders.

6. Shaping and Chaining is an article from BBB Autism Support Network.

7. Goal Motivation : How To Use Rewards Effectively

8. Essential Skills for Community Living

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